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Vol.3 No.3
"All The News I See Fit to Print"


MASSIMO VICTORIOUS IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT This is the story of Michael Massimo vs. Fabian's Restaurant. Some of you may remember Fabian's as one of the Long Beach Island venues I regularly perform at during the summer months. Pleased with my shows here last season, the owner invited me back to play again this year. You would think based on the fact that I'd played here many times before, there would be no surprise as to what my play list is. You would be wrong. A few days after a not so well attended evening, I received a call on the Hotline canceling my remaining dates, no explanation given. When I returned the call I discovered that Fabian's all of a sudden had a problem with my song selection, most notably the abundance of originals I play. Now I realize this is a vacation-type venue and people want to hear those blasted covers (he also was not real pleased with my vehemently shooting down all requests for Bruuuuuce, Brown Eyed Girl and Margaritaville et al but a man has to keep some modicum of self-respect!), but this show had been no different than the ones I had already played this year and all last season. I had people requesting originals by now. (Forget the fact that I blatantly have advertised my original music and sold CD's at every performance I'd ever done there!). Why the sudden change of heart? The truth is it was simply a slow night (they happen) but unfortunately, often the first thing club owners blame is the music. To protect myself against this, I work under contract. When reminded that he signed a contract and could not legally cancel these shows, the club owner reacted with a "so what?"-type attitude, claiming I didn't holdup my end of the bargain. He even wanted me to find someone to replace me for the shows he cancelled!! Obviously, he thought he was dealing with someone else. Welcome To Small Claims Court. In an open and shut case, I was awarded the money for my remaining shows. Contracts work. Use them.

ADVERTISING/PR CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED - WEBSITE TO BE UPDATED Some interesting things will be taking place over the next couple of months. I've retained the services of a PR firm to help get the word out about the CD and hopefully increase sales. Ads will be running in the Nov. issues of Songwriter's Monthly, the Performing Songwriter (both nat'l pubs) and Rhythm & News (Hudson Valley area). I've also been included on a CD compilation (along with some major label acts!) to be distributed with the Nov. issue of Step Magazine, an entertainment industry mag with a readership of about 100K. Look for coverage in the Asbury Park Press 10/15 issue promoting Oct. 16 at the Java Hut in Belmar and in The Home News Tribune (issue TBD) for Oct. 29 at Tumulty's in New Brunswick. In addition, the website is getting some freshening up. A radio page is being added with a list of all the stations that have been nice enough to air my music and their studio phone numbers (call them!), links to new CD sites I've joined, available MP3 files, some new feedback questions, the addition of the latest newsletters to the archives and possibly some "animation" clips using the latest Flash4 technology, as well as listing the site on major search engines. This hopefully should all be in place by next month.

MM JOINS OWN BAND (?) The story goes something like this: The band that I used for my CD release and Bitter End shows were actually a band before I asked them to back me up. The deal was I would sing for their band if they would do my shows. Since toning down the solo gigs (see below), I have now devoted the majority of my time singing for the band, tentatively going under the name Todd's Theory (Admit it. You want to know who Todd is and what's his theory. There is, of course, a story behind it. Other suggestions are always welcome.) This new modern rock band (playing covers for now: Tool, STP, Foo Fighters etc., yes, I know, how hypocritical of me, but these songs are different than the "automatic for the people" drivel I used to play), now with new drummer Scott Bilton, is a welcome diversion for me. I can finally be the freak out frontman I've only acted out in private. Ideally I'd like to see us become a very versatile original band with many types of tunes like Led Zeppelin and the Who used to be. No one really does that anymore. Everything is very genre-specific. This signals a change in musical direction for me that's been coming for quite some time. It's metamorphosis that began with "Music" on LINYC, continued with "Precious Seconds/Asylum/Too Much Fun" on PS, and should reach fruition on the next album whenever that comes out. And this style embraces rather than shuns the brooding intensity that I feel has always been a trademark. I don't have to try as hard, beating on my acoustic, to make a grand statement. I used to shy away from this type of song, thinking it too self-indulgent, but now I really don't care anymore. I write what I write. Any band on K-Rock has the same attitude; it just works for them because it's supported by loud guitars. It's called artistic development. Labels used to help the acts on their roster do it. Now, like everything else, artists must do it themselves. The truth is, a good song is a good song no matter what the style is.

Saturday Oct. 16th , 10pm - Java Hut 1000 Main St. (@ 10th), Belmar, NJ (732) 681-4995

Friday Oct. 29th, 9:30pm - Tumulty's 361 George St., New Brunswick, NJ (732) 545-6205

Tuesday Nov. TBD, 9:30pm - Maxwell's 1039 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ (201) 798-0406

Nov. 12-14 Northeast Folk Alliance Conference, Lake Harmony, PA. showcase TBD

Jan. 19-22 2000 Philadelphia Music Conference, Philadelphia, PA. showcase TBD

MM TAKES A TIME OUT (?) Yes, you heard it here first. I feel I should explain my lack of gig activity these past few months. Now I know it says "one of hardest working singer/songwriters on the East Coast" on the website and usually that would be true, but, to be honest, I am very, very burnt out. I need to walk away for a while. Don't misunderstand, I'll still be working "behind the music" but will not be performing solo nearly as much (see Band article this issue), basically doing only showcase-type venues. If that means playing only twice a year so be it. I'm toying with the idea of doing a gig in upstate NY and/or eastern PA. However, you really may not hear from me for a while except for the occasional email. In fact, this last newsletter is only being distributed via email; I really can't afford to send The Perspective to everyone on the list right now. At least you guys will know what's happening. The offices of Skytide Music will be moving from their current location (my bedroom) to a larger facility (an actual apartment). During this time most music business will be suspended in an effort to reclaim my life. The website and hotline will still be functional and CDs still available in stores and on the net, but basically by Y2K, I'll be underground. I don't know how long. I may play the occasional show once in a while, I won't be "gone forever" and "I can see that far" to where I'll continue to make music and make it available to you. When I started, my inspiration was the sheer joy of performing and sharing that with people who would enjoy it. Somewhere along the line it became necessary to run record label in order to get myself out there, but I've spent way "too much time in my hell" being a "record exec", ignoring my muse and what's really important to me. Sometimes, the more you pursue something, the more elusive it becomes. All I can say is in the long run we'll both be better off: you'll get more and better music and I'll be able to enjoy playing again without expectation. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing the ride all these years. You can't imagine how much all your support has meant to me. I won't forget you; I'll be back somewhere down the line, better than ever. I'm gonna go write a new album. So long 'till then.

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Michael Massimo

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